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The request for an opinion.

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The request for an opinion.
Please advise. From 2012, I put on YouTube his compositions (total now 724). I am 67 years, I am self-taught, I do not know the notes or chords. I'm fascinated by creating your own music rather than playing covers. Please review experts, or those of my compositions created live, with no preparation is maybe something interesting or may be like?
I thank you in advance for any opinions. Will be for me a valuable clue how to proceed. 
I would add that the compositions were created on the following instruments: Roland bk-5, Ketron SD5 and Tyros 4 (black edition, limited).
Sorry for the language, but I'm using Google Chrome interpreter.
#1 - October 26, 2015, 07:43:11 AM
Yamaha PSR 450, Roland BK-5 Ketron SD 5 and now Tyros 4 black edition...



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