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Yamaha Style to Korg Midi Converter
Hi, Just joined and going through styles, already found some great ones. :)

I wrote a small utility app that converts yamaha style files (SFF1) to korg compatible midi to save some time , ready for import into KB. (it also converts yamaha multipads)

I used this to bring in many styles into my KB (korg PA600). (copy converted midi to keyboard, hit shift+execute to import with markers into var1, ar2 etc) set the key and NTT. and other parameters until you have it to your liking.

It's free and can be downloaded from korg forums :

Most things are already explained, however I would answer them if any of you find the need to use this app.

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Re: Yamaha Style to Korg Midi Converter
win10 doesn't like this program and niether does my secutity check. Any ideas?
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Re: Yamaha Style to Korg Midi Converter
sorry, been away for some time, bust with my new KB kronos.
don't know about win10 but, security, yes it can cause false positives as it needs the midi-ox executables to convert between files (that you download separately).
Usually any application launching or requiring another application can be treated as a security violation.
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