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Technics KN-7000 converted to Tyros4 Pack 22 of 40

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Technics KN-7000 converted to Tyros4 Pack 22 of 40
These are styles that are converted from Technics KN-7000 to Tyros4.
They are revoiced and tweaked for Tyros4; with OTS.

And an equally big thanks to Chris, which has offered his help with the necessary revoicing and tweaking + OTS; so that these styles are particularly suited to Tyros4.

We are very pleased to have him here at CSS - without his great efforts, would this project have been impossible!

Here are the contents of Pack 22; of a total of 40 packs:

70s Party
Ballroom Fox
Bigband Train
Bird Dance
Broadway Show
German Pop
German Waltz
Hokie Dance
Line Dance
Party Pop
Piano Showman
Pop March2
Pop March
Quick Foxtrot
Show Stride
Square Dance
Techno Country
Vegas Pianist
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