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Importing midifile to songstyle on Pa3X challenge

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Importing midifile to songstyle on Pa3X challenge
Okay, just had some spare time to create a songstyle - but the process on the pa3x is messing up my day!!  :angry:

I marked all my sections in pro tools, and neutralized all chords (and progressions) in the midi file. I then imported every single style-element from the midifile in the style-recording area on the pa3x. Now when I play the style EVERY style-part (intro, variations, endings, fills) start playing from measure 1 of the imported file. I've already marked the sections in protools, before importing the midi into the pa3x - what am I missing here?  ???

Any help?  :(

----I did spend time in "advanced manual" to get me this far, but I can't seem to locate any subjects on this matter----
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Re: Importing midifile to songstyle on Pa3X challenge
That seems strange.
You are (of course) changing the midi tracks to 9 thru 16?
The ones you want to keep?
I was using a very old version of sonar to make markers (v1cv1 and so on) but it kept bombing out the computer.
Now I am trying out studio one. Not so easy to work with midi. I also have anvil to try.
Remember that the midi must be midi 0 or the korg will do funny things or not read at all!!!
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Re: Importing midifile to songstyle on Pa3X challenge
Thanks for reply Baz,
Yes, I believe I changed the midi out 9-16 - I'll have to double check that again though when I get back in the studio.
I'm VERY sure though that I exported the style as format 0... Cause all the tracks are individual when I go into style-rec mode, to change other options (instruments, velocity, etc etc.).
Will check the midi out channels again, just to be certain - though I'm pretty sure I followed through on what the manual said.  :smiley-music002: he he

Post update, when I double checked - thanks again Baz :)
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