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Using a Midi instead of a Style part 3

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Using a Midi instead of a Style part 3
We now have our Midi file in the key we want, but what about the chords as we have now changed key the chords will be different
there are a couple of ways to get around this .

1/ Look at the original chords and put them into an online chord transposition like this one
to be honest this is the method I prefer.

2/ pass the midi through a midi chord recognition program which there are a few of B.I.A.B being one

It would be nice to have the chords in the midi file but this is a working progress.

to finish of here`s a quick and not very good version of Love Me Tender using the midi File for the guitar arpeggio
and nothing else its me playing the rest honestly

Will add to this thread once I have learned how to add the chords to the midi file

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