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Using a Midi instead of a Style part 2

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Using a Midi instead of a Style part 2
The midi file I uploaded has 3 tracks and track 4 is the one to reduce the volume on
this will allow you to see the score on your keyboard screen and follow it, but there
are no chords shown and its in the key of A

What if you want it a different key there are 2 ways to make this happen by transposing it
One thing to remember about transposing midi files is do not transpose the drum tracks
this is irrelevant here as there is no drum track but worth remembering for the future

There  are 2 ways transpose the midi file to another key

1/ set up your keyboard to only allow it to only transpose your midi player

2/ Transpose it externally in a DAW

I choose method 2 as it will allow you to follow the score on your keyboard screen
and shows the correct notes to play, as using method 1 will alter the notes you hear but they
will still show in the original key on your keyboards screen.

So by now we have a midi file with the melody muted and in a key which we want it to be

I have upload a version of it in the midi in the  key of C  with the melody track number 4 muted

More to follow later


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