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MIDI to Styles - our future? Part 2

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MIDI to Styles - our future? Part 2
Part 2

They are primarily highly trained as musicians, and secondly they are born with very good ears for music. Just good ears are almost always the reason why their abilities early have been discovered,
with consequent necessary training.

This theoretical perfection is not necessarily a good thing. I have experience with drawing for many years, and where there is a rule that says that you should not spend too much time on a drawing -
you risk it being overworked; and thus inferior. Use your intuition and work as fast as you can, so the drawing is more alive.

The same can be said about working with music, where intuition becomes aural training.
By composing you will achieve much better results using aural training than high theoretical expertise. History of music is full of such examples.

One of the most famous, is Erroll Garner; in my opinion the greatest jazz pianist / composer who ever lived. He had absolute aural training (hope this is translated correctly) and could not read music at all.

He was especially known for his extreme swing - he was far ahead of and behind the beat; and there are not his peer at this point. George Shearing is the closest to him.

Trying to put his music into MIDI format, will very clearly reflect that the midi format has obvious limitations, which I will try to illuminate clearer.

(To be continued)
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