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<<< How to make better conversions >>>
After you use a software to convert styles, begin the actual work; the software has actually saved up for "95"% of the work, and it remains only 5%.

Few people think about how much work a conversion means;
if you should have made ​​the effort Style Works (for example) entirely manually,
it would have taken one hour or more to convert a style. If you were lucky.

So it is good this works well enough automatically in some cases.

With the keyboard I can in the worst case, spend 30 minutes to customize a style converted with Style Works,
but usually it takes 5-10 minutes.

So what do I do to customize the converted styles to be played well on the keyboard?

1: Always try to replace GM sounds with Factory sounds; this gives clearly better sound and you have to Revoice.
For example, replace a GM Guitar sound with a Factory Guitar sound to avoid incorrect sound and great distortion.
2: You need to use Tweaking, which simply submit means adjusting the sliders for volume for each sound.

Many people use MIDI software to all this, but I have bad experiences with this alone; I always have to edit via the keyboard anyway.

Therefore, I recommend just one single software for this for Korg-users, that is really good; namely vArranger2 . This can be recommended!
Yamaha-users have probably much more enjoyment of such software; Yamaha also have different MIDI definitions in relation to Korg, which makes such software actually works as intended.
Yamaha forums also have many talented people with expertise in data, which contribute with their own sofware for this purpose.
The best site I know about, is this:

I hope this can help to make sure users can get more pleasure from conversions they constantly downloading, or personally work with. ;)

Here are some tips for use of Revoice: ;)

NB: If the harmonies have errors, Style Works or you have selected the wrong sound.
This is time consuming and difficult to improve; and in the worst case, the sound have to tweaks to 0.

Difficult, but try different or E-Piano, and tweak the volume down.

Usually much distortion as a result of the wrong type Guitar. Try switching to Nylon or Muted Guitar.
If there is a Blues-style, often Disto Mute, Mute or Monster Power Chords work very well.

Here it can also be much distortion, and sounds "flowing over one another." Bass & Ride will often solve this problem, and you will get more "punch" on cymbals.
Pick Bass seems too often good, if this is the problem.

If there is a Slow Rock-style, Strings can be replaced with Ooh Slow Voice and muted slightly.
It can actually be very good result.

Drums can be completely impossible to improve sometimes, but even then it can work with such House Kit with common styles.
Rock Kit Amb is usually the best choice, if there are no problems.

NB: Do not forget as a Korg-user to save your edits for the style, by pressing the "Write Current Style Settings"!
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