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MIDI can change setup during playback

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MIDI can change setup during playback
I had a strange experience today; I kept on with conversions from Korg to Yamaha and registered strange sounds from especially guitars,
there were also many other noises in abnormally large scale. Only 13 of 32 styles seem to convert good enough.

Then I came to remember a similar case from 1994, where midi changed setup, while I played different formats.

With this case in clear recollection, I rebooted the keyboard and began the conversion from the beginning. The difference was evident;
the noises was gone, and now I got 26 good conversions.

Why do midi change the setup?

Because I prior to this had worked for a while with midi playback in connection with conversion to styles,
and along I registered increasing echo during playback.

This happens because there are very many midi formats; both main and sub formats.
If the device does not support these fully, this can result in changes in the midi setup.
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