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<<< Better sound with converted styles >>>

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<<< Better sound with converted styles >>>
One way to get significantly better sound with converted styles,
is to install and use Sounds from for example Dynamix Audio.

The ultimate solution consists of PA3x with Deebach XMS-Pro, which eliminates any problems with midi;
with XMS-Pro installed, handles the keyboard midi better than any software I've tried.

One issue that typically occurs as a result of extensive tweaking,
is that the level is too low, while there is some distortion.

Pro Sounds from (for example) Dynamix Audio will arrange this;
you have to actually turn down the volume a bit where you use it, but the distortion disappears.

I never use other sounds than the original in Korg PA3x on conversions that I post in the forum,
because this requires the installation of my Sounds of the user for the sound to be correct.

There is also an easier way to get converted styles to sound better:
When a style is converted, theoretically, Style Works gonna transform all sounds to your keyboards Factory sounds, but
Style Works will in most cases automatically change all sounds to GM2 / XG format.
This does not give the best sound.

If you change (remap) all the sounds in the style to Factory, will your keyboard perform what it is actually capable of; the sound will improve many levels.

If someone needs help to doing this, I can try to help step by step - just ask me. ;)
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