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Conversions and their complexity

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Conversions and their complexity
There are several known issues with conversions, such as:
1: Instrumentation beeing incorrectly
2: Distortion occurs
3: Some instruments are too high or too low and needs "tweeking"

There is a fourth problem, which is at least as bad, namely errors in the chord structure.
This marked not necessarily if you only play 3 notes at once with your left hand. But if you use 4 or 5 (block chords), so it can go very wrong, and the harmonies are completely wrong.

The first keyboard I had, a Casio CTK 811ex, had the opportunity to correct such errors in the conversion process by selecting "Basemaj" before conversion. Some styles are automatically selected to "Base7th", and giving the 4th issue as a result.

GEM WX2 is also as Casio CTK 811ex, from what I know.
For some idiotic reason, EMC decided to omit this feature from their programs, so many terrific styles can not be played properly.

Perhaps there is this feature in EMC or Korg PA3x, but I have not found it yet. So if anyone knows how this can be corrected, the number of good conversions can increased dramatically.

I always try to avoid posting conversions that have such errors and tests each style on my keyboard after conversion.
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Re: Conversions and their complexity

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