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Pussycat - Mississippi

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songs in deze topic van Pussycat
01 = Mississippi

Pussycat was een Nederlandse popgroep uit de Limburgse plaats Brunssum. De band had in het midden van de jaren zeventig vier internationale hits op rij: Mississippi (1975), Georgie (1976), Smile (1976) en My broken souvenirs (1977) en daarna nog een serie hitsingles in Nederland en BelgiŽ. Mississippi stond in 14 landen op nummer 1 en kende geen hitnotering in de VS, het land waar die rivier stroomt. TweeŽntwintig platen behaalden de status van goud. Het leeuwendeel van de nummers van de band, minstens 55, werd geschreven door Werner Theunissen.
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Pussycat - Mississippi

Where you can hear a country song song from far
And someone plays the honky-tonk guitar
Where all the lights will go out one by one
The people join the sun
And the wind takes it away

Where the Mississippi falls down to the sea
And lovers found the place thhhey'd like to be
How many times before the song was ending
Love and understanding
Everywhere around

Mississippi, I'll remember you
Whenever I should go away
I'll be longing for the day
That I will be returning again
Mississippi, you'll be on my mind
Everytime I hear this song
Mississippi roll along
Until the end of time

Now the country song for ever lost its soul
When the guitar player turned to rock & roll
And everytime when the summernights are falling
I will always be calling dreams of yesterday

"Mississippi" was a popular single by Dutch group Pussycat which consisted of three sisters Betty, Marianne and Toni Kowalczyk of which Toni (now Toni Willť) was the lead vocalist. They were accompanied by Lou Willť (g), Theo Wetzels (b), John Theunissen (g), Henk Hochstenbach, Hans Lutjens ('til 1973), Theo Coumans (from 1973) and again Hans Lutjens. Written by Werner Theunissen and produced by Eddy Hilberts, the song "Mississippi" was the sole number one single for Pussycat.
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Pussycat - Smile

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Wishing you the best day ever followed always by better tomorrows !!

My Broken Souvenirs
My Broken Souvenirs

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Wishing you the best day ever followed always by better tomorrows !!

Re: Pussycat


  here pdf

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