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Nothing to do with music!

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Ron Weir

Nothing to do with music!
A friend of mine told me that even though I delete old unwanted messages, etc, from my Inbox, and send them to the Recycle Bin, and subsequently empty that Bin, he says they actually stay on the computers main disk.  Is this so?  Not that I have anything embarassing there, but it probably means that space is being used by all this stuff.  Can anyone tell me if this is true?

Ron Weir :(
#1 - September 25, 2011, 07:18:58 AM

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Re: Nothing to do with music!

First what's gone , is gone
In certain circomstances is it possible.

Try to search for items with the dbx extension

Or set your computer back to an earlier recoverypoint, no garanty

Or try a recoverytool like this

Try your luck

#2 - September 25, 2011, 06:12:06 PM
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Re: Nothing to do with music!

" Eraser "  is the program you should look into.

Deleting files on your computer doesn't erase them permanently. Hackers could recover them, which is a problem if they contain sensitive information. But this program has you covered: It can erase all your files safely and securely.

Erase files for good

When you delete files from the Recycle Bin, they're not really gone. They linger on the hard drive, out of sight, but still within reach. This can spell trouble if you're getting rid of a computer.

This program is a handy tool that deletes files permanently. It overwrites a file's space several times over with meaningless data. The result is a deleted file nearly impossible to recover.
Eraser even meets military standards (5220.22-M) for digital deletion. Under the settings you can choose from a number of erasing methods. You'll see several military standard variations.

You don't always have to erase data manually. Eraser can also be scheduled to erase specific data on a schedule. You can choose files, folders, unused disk space or the Recycle Bin.

Cost: Free

 I hope this answers the  question.  This was posted on the Kim Komando news letter this past week.

Kim is the countries Computer Expert.  She is heard all over the USA, Hawaii and Alaska
but I don't know about the other countries





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Re: Nothing to do with music!
I forgot to mention - when you delete say a file, send it to the basket and then empty it.  Where that file once was is now blank and more things can be installed there.  That space is not lost but is reused again.  The file that was deleted more or less lies buried therefore you can put more stuff on top of it.  You don't see it anymore nor use it anymore but a good hacker
can find that "buried " file underneath all the new stuff.

I hope this explains it a little better

#4 - September 25, 2011, 08:46:13 PM

Ron Weir

Re: Nothing to do with music!
Many thanks for your explanation, oboe.   It seems my friend was right to say that 'deleted' items remain somewhere on the hard disk.  Even your suggestion re 'Erase' doesn't appear to get rid of unwanted stuff! 

RonW :)
#5 - September 26, 2011, 05:05:30 AM



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