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El Pasador

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El Pasador

Paolo Zavallone (Riccione, August 29, 1932) is an Italian singer and composer, most known as El Pasador.

He began his music career at the beginning of the 1950s , entering as a keyboard player in the Asternovas , the group accompanying Fred Buscaglione , and then forming his own complex; In his group will include, among others, clarinetist Henghel Gualdi and singer Luciana Sasdelli .

In 1959 he also debuted as a singer, first recording for Carlo Alberto Rossi 's CAR Juke Box , then for the Club , label distributed by Ricci Records , and then for the Italian Yank , a label owned by Alessandro Celentano, Adriano's brother.

At that time he also wrote songs for other artists, including The Long Nights , included by Adriano Celentano in his 1965 album " Do not Tell Me" , and I will not understand , with Vito Pallavicini 's lyrics , that Lalla Leone presents at A Disc For' Summer 1967 .

In the second half of the seventies it adopted the pseudonym El Pasador : the roaring voice and the truckboy mustache made something exotic, suggested by its pseudonym.

He is the author of numerous Rai TV series ( La sberla , Non stop ) and other music- style titles such as Amada mia, my love and the exotic Kilimangiaro , conducting the orchestra at the Sanremo 1978 Festival ; In the same edition, the inscription, Jeans Flower , uses his true name.

With my Amada, my love also participates in the Festivalbar 1977 , and with Mucho Mucho at Festivalbar 1978 (also included in its compilation ). It became an advertising sign used by the Migros group for various commercials.

Couple with her daughter Cristina, then eleven years old, in 1982 she daddy has the bua , a sign of a TV program for the boys.
In 1982, he participated as a conductor for television broadcasting We are thinking of broadcasting on Rai 2 on Sunday night, together with Renzo Montagnani , Alida Chelli , and opera singer Sandro Massimini .

In the eighties, he met the Brother of the Antonian, and began to care for the musical arrangements of the Golden Zebra from 1989 to 2001 when he withdrew from television screens.

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Amada Mia Amore Mio

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