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Again i Change my setup

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Again i Change my setup
My newest setup The Wersi Pegasus wing And Roland  JD-XI Synthesizer 2  Times Korg Pa 2X.

Yes i am always busy with looking for something else

And again i see a deal that i think wow i can try this now, my woman is not happy with me but this is what i do my hole  life.

I think this comes of my childhood .

I come out a big Family   i have 13 Brothers and One sister.

MY parents never have enough money  and there was no money to by a good and big organ, i get a little one wow really terrible, what a bad machine the sound comes out from air and the air makes the music so a bad instrument The brand was Bontepi.

When i go to my lesions when i was very young i go to a music school, there was no really money for bud my interest in music was to big.

And the owner of the school knows my parents have really no money, and we know the owner personally also my parents and that was good luck, i get my lessons almost for free a little money and wow that is 50 years ago.

the first real organ that i have buy was when i go to work and urn my own money.

it was a Yamaha C55N    for that time a really good organ.

and many years i play on it.

later i have more money to spend for keyboards in all those after years i buy so much instruments from Korg From Yamaha in my hole life i have all the tyros series.

But the most that i loved was the organs from the Wersi Organs.

Bud so expensive i have not the money to buy a Wersi Organ, and now Wersi also make really good keyboards, this week somebody place a Wersi Pegasus Wing on the website and for a little money and wow it is a instrument i always loved.

And now i think now i must have it , i sell my korg pa4x  and i can buy this machine people think i am Crazy but that is me and i think it comes from my Childhood.

Yesterday the take my Korg pa 4x i get a good price, the day before i go to the Wersi company to listen to the keyboard, and wow i really love the sound of this instrument so a good Organ sound, no any keyboard can make this sound really a Frans lambert and Klaus wunderlich sound, and that is the sound i always have love from childhood, i think i will play this instrument for a longer time
but i lost my Pa4x  but i have my Korg pa2x this is also so a good instrument.

But The Wersi is a instrument i always love, but was to big money for me and now i have found one for the money i have, for me personally , is the this the machine i always wanted but never can buy, cost to much money but a brand that always was in my heart from childhood.

2 days ago i go there and wow the feelings coming back but this was so a good musician he performs for me very good and as a real professional, he know all the famed Organ players personally also Franz lambert and Klaus wunderlig enz enz

On you tube he make many Movies for the Wersi instruments, his name is Erik  Bongers type his name on you tube and Wersi and when you see him with the Wersi Pegasus wing than you see what for instrument i have now because he was the owner of this instrument.

He make this a special keyboard Many extra lights the make for him al the keys have lights under the keys, and also above the keyboard there is enoufg light , this keyboard you can play in the dark and you have enouh light to see every button.

But all by all i am now a proud owner of the Wersi pegasus wing  V2
yesterday i play an it and wow i love this instruments and what the most in-portend he have the best Organ sounds i ever hear on any keyboard wow so good.

And a other thing he can works with Yamaha styles , put a Yamaha style insite  and the Wersi convert it to a Wersi style
and if you not really like the  style you also can change everything i n the style , and wow i have so many yamaha styles to much.

i have now a Korg pa2x  A Wersi Pegasus Wing i only need now  a real synthesizer for the special sound this one i like to much i have see many reviews and listen to the demos and he looking very special and beautiful i have enough money left to buy this instrument today  i decide of i want it or not.

here A demo from my new Wersi Pegasus Wing make by the person i buy it from Erik Bongers

This is the demo of the synthesizer i want to but, he is completely Analog And Digital. the sound in this demo all exist in the Roland JD-XA and more and more and you also can make it by yourself, i am also a a big fan of synthesizer instruments i have always at least one synthesizer in my set up always.

And today i have order this synthesizer tomorrow the will bring him to me, i am now busy with reading the manuals Wersi have really a other system as Yamaha and korg but wow i love this instrument so a very good sound comes out,
i am a proud owner of this Wersi machine, everybody have comments about Wersi products but that is because not much people have The money to buy them, and that is 100% true i have also never the money to buy them so as i say the new Wersi keyboard is out and wow so big and beautiful Wersi instruments always looking so much better as other keyboards, and the sound wow but you pay 8000 Euro for it  the Yamaha Genos kost 5000 euro, but i van tell the new Wersi keyboard blow the genos with easy away so a good sound in that machine but very expensive not much people can of want pay the 8000 Euro.

again a demo From the wersi Oax1
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Re: Again i Change my setup
Enjoy your new setup Rob.. hopefully we may hear soon some songs from you on your Wersi.


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It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.

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Re: Again i Change my setup
Thanks Patrick but i must say one thing to all the people that read this topic.

What i say and tell in this topic that  is me , i mean that is what i think personally .

And of course the Korg and the Yamaha keyboards Tyros enz  Genos  en Korg Machines it not men i not like them no  that is not what i want to say here in thsi topic.

The Wersi i love from my Childhood , when i was 5 years wow i love the Wersi Organs to much and from my childhood it was always a wish to become a owner of a real Wersi Organ but i never have the money to buy a good one i have 2 times a Wersi Organ second hand and so old   he was broken and i must sell it i give him a with collar and wow he was beautiful but to old the amplifiers were burned out.

and it was to expensive to repair and i sold it to somebody that have the things he need to repair, and i get a little mony

But ok understand  me good this all is my feeling about the Wersi but it not mean the other instruments are not good the also sound very good.

I want say this not that people think something this is my personnel thinking that is all
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Re: Again i Change my setup
Hi Rob

I can't wait to hear your new Keyboard !!   I have listened to your music before and have enjoyed it..  You really are a talented Musician.

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Re: Again i Change my setup
Thanks Ron, but i am not so talent fol , i must study on school to learn it and it was a boring study expertly in the beginning, so childish music you begin with, but that is normal you must learn from the start,

But I love the music to much when i was little i carry always the records of Klaus Wunderlich that was my idol when i was very young.

he was my master in playing the Organ and he always play Hammond or Wersi Organs and that is why i love the sound to much of the Wersi Organs , and i always love the sound from when i was 4 -  5 years old , he was my example he make me that i study the organ,

must i do it again i not will do it i think, when i was a Organ teats er i have many students  and not many people   keep playing the Organ and i can understand that,

So difficult to learn , some people have really talent the can play wow the first time the touts a key the can play the have talent ,

But me no i have always study hart to become a teats er in music, it was very difficult, dont forget when you study the Organ, you must read 3 different lines   2 manuals and one bass line  , try to do it you will see that is really not easy , with the keyboards you have only the melody line  that is so much easier.

But i can tell you not much people can read the organ notation

But a talent no i am not really but i can read the music and that means you can play everything  from Classic till funk from techno to rock or waltz enz enz

And when i have a view notes i can play the improvisation and make it a beautiful song but for improvisation you need the scale where you playing in  you need to know what kind of accords are in the scale and go on and on

But that you AL must learn on school. it cost me 10 years of my life on school for the music.


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Re: Again i Change my setup
My Setup Is complete now and i want place some photos,

And wow so much keys the more i have the better it is, i am always study the Organ and on a Organ you always have more keys were you must play on.

Never i have only one keyboard the more keys i have the better i love it to play.

I have sel my Korg Pa4x and keep my Korg Pa2x  , why i did it i want tell you for me personally i like the sound of the Pa2x more as the sound of the Pa4x.

The Organs in the Pa2x are so good i love them and the rest of the machine i really love the sound of this machine.

The Pa 4x have some new things but i really not use that often i don t will miss them  .

styles making on the Pa4x is not so in portend for the Pa2x  i have so much styles i not really need that.

and now i have the Wersi Pegasus Wing he can read the Tyros styles and wow he do a good yob of it.

Styles enough. And tweaking the sounds it is fun but not be used often .

No i have really no any regrade   that i lose the Pa4x and the Kronos, and that is in portend .

I think i did a good deal of it and still i have some money left with what i have sold.

I think  i must be lucky.

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