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Ich denk T4.T096.STY

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Need some help with this - Artist ? Solved
Ich denk T4.T096.STY
 :c017: Otto     Captain Cook
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Re: Ich denk T4.T096.STY
the song-title :   Ich denk so gern an meine Mutter

Name of the artist:



Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone was a long-running German easy listening band that took the stage in matching naval midshipman uniforms.
 More a brand name than anything else, the project was masterminded by producer GŁnther Behrle.
Lineup changes were a regular occurrence affecting not only the supporting personnel but also Captain Cook himself, and as of this writing saxophonist Dr. Thomas Grebel wears the not-so-proverbial epaulets.

 Like the Mantovani and Ferrante & Teicher albums that are Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone's obvious antecedents, their records are largely interchangeable, distinguished more by theme than musical approach. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide


Ich denk so gern an meine Mutter:     

a wonderful song, but - my mother died last year - the tears were very loose!!



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