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Hundertmal Ty5

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Need some help with this - Artist ? Solved
Hundertmal Ty5
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Re: Hundertmal Ty5
  NIK  P.


Nik P. (* 6 April 1962 in Friesach , Carinthia , civil Nicholas Presnik) is an Austrian pop singer and -componist.

In his homeland, he has been one of the late 1990s, the most successful artist of his genre.
About the borders of Austria, he was known by the composition A star (... thy name carries) . 

Eight years after the title of the Grand Prix of Schlager had written, he was able to early 2007 in various versions, including by DJ Ítzi and Nic place in the charts.
The version that he recorded with DJ Ítzi, became the most successful single in Germany for ten years and passed as one title, which was the longest in the top 10 of the German single charts, Freddy Quinn , the guitar and the sea .

In 2008 he won the German music award Echo in the category hit of the year.




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