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Need some help with this - Artist ? Solved
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Sunrise Avenue is a Finnish rock band originally formed in 2002 in Helsinki, Finland.

In the early days the band was called Sunrise and the name was changed to Sunrise Avenue in 2001.
Sunrise Avenue is known for their catchy melodic and modern songs and energetic live performances. Their style varies from rock and pop-rock to rock ballads.

 The band has sold more than 2,000,000 albums and 2,000,000 singles and has played several tours and more than a thousand shows in twenty European countries and Japan.

Sunrise Avenue's best known songs are "Hollywood Hills" (2011), "Fairytale Gone Bad" (2006), "Forever Yours" (2007), "The Whole Story" (2009), "Heal Me" (2007) and "Welcome To My Life" (2009).
The band has released four studio albums, two live albums, three live DVDs, a best-of album and 18 singles.



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