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== Styles that need Tweaking ==

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== Styles that need Tweaking ==
Hi Everyone

  There seems to be a much needed interest generated here at the Korg Section. An abundance of styles are being available for download. Everyone here is very pleased about this and sincerely hope that this will continue on. 

  There will be some styles that are "awesome" and some that are "not awesome ". Every style will not be perfect for what you would like to have. Some, or I should I say most, styles will have to be  "Tweaked " . You will get a tremendous amount of satisfaction and pride , when you rework a style to suit your needs.  The style should be a really good starting point to begin, because 95% of the work has been done for you. It is the extra 5% that you have to work on.  But, that is the beauty of having an Arranger Keyboard, especially the powerful editing functions that the Korg Keyboards provide. There is a learning curve that is required, but the rewards are much greater then the learning curve !!!!!

  My hope is that , Korg users will work on these styles , get some pleasure from doing so, and then sharing their learning experiences with others here.

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Wishing you the best day ever followed always by better tomorrows !!



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