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Korg Kronos Korg Pa4x

Discussion started on Korg Kronos

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Korg Kronos Korg Pa4x
i am still busy with study my new instruments,

But the last weeks  i am also busy with my health the last view years i becom sicker and sicker.

And a view days ago i have a operation in the hospital, and now i try to recover from that .

The have operated my lungs and examine completely my lungs , a view times in a super scanner,

I have 2 various diseases in my lungs  one is a smokers  diseases ,    the name is  COPD , end the next and the biggest Diseases is Sarcoidose
It means i have really not much  oxygen only 47 %  now i have many tests and a operation i get a very strong medicine , ( Methotrexaat ( MTX )   First in tablets , but if i stay sick from the medicine , the will teats me to inject myself that is not so heavy as tablets ) and that makes me sick but it is needed for my longs and now i am trying to become better.

I have say i go work on the Korg  Column  , but it was heavier than i think  it was, but i do my best so soon as possible to become a little bit better so i can start with working on the Korg  Column

Now i almost sleep the whole day,  and i also can not play music long and that is the bad thing,  i always play 2 a 3 hours on a day and now almost noting,  i hope soon i can start again i miss also my keys and music

I have smoked , for 35 Years now  ( +-  400 Cigarettes in the week ) and i stop with smoking 3 years ago, But The damage of my lungs was already done, the can make it easier for me to live with this diseases but the never can make it complete better.

I hope soon it is better.

#1 - October 25, 2017, 02:31:23 AM
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Korg pa4x
Korg Kronos  2  88 keys 
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Re: Korg Kronos Korg Pa4x
so sorry to hear this look... after yourself ..we all love you...
#2 - October 27, 2017, 03:34:01 AM

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Re: Korg Kronos Korg Pa4x
Hi Rob:
Sorry to hear about this. I hope you feel better soon.
Speedy recovery
#3 - October 27, 2017, 05:52:25 AM
The only stupid questions are the questions that have not been asked.

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Re: Korg Kronos Korg Pa4x
Thanks for the friendly words,  in the past i never see a doctor i think i was strong , i was always never sick , but when you become older everyting change, your body system and than you see how much damage your body  becomes after all those years smoking and eating the wrong things,

i grow up with junk food , almost never eat  healthy food .

but when you become older , your body not accept it any more and you get different  disease .

and now i eat 10 different medicine, eat no sugar anymore because i am also a sugar patient , and that means you must lose weight , eat healthy , and drinking water, and now i  eat healthy, stop with smoking for 3 years now , and no cola anymore i drink now only thee and water.

Because if you not do it you become sicker and sicker  till your body say it is done it is enoufg.

and i hope i can live for many years from now , but it means i must live healthy, the have also test me on cancer in the hospital but , i am clean from cancer.

But ok that is life i think when people become older ater 50 60 years the all have someting.

I was always a big junk food  eater    , and a to big smoker , and now i lost 30 kilo, i not smoke anymore , and eat much healthier,
i live like  sombody that want becom old, only for my lungs it is too late , and i must live with it , there is no other way,

The doctors have done what the can , but this is the hard reality , and my children and my woman don't listen, the see enoufg but the still smoking ,  and now  the smoke outside not in the  house anymore for respect for my illness, but the not stop,

Now i hate smoking  , but that is not fair because i was the biggest smoker, 

#4 - October 27, 2017, 06:31:31 AM
Korg pa4x
Korg Kronos  2  88 keys 
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Re: Korg Kronos Korg Pa4x
Hi Rob

So sorry to hear about your health. I can relate to your illnesses... I am 67 , was a smoker for 35 years, quit 10 years ago and never looked back.....  I have had problems with my lungs but quitting smoking really helped me the most and of course I have changed my diet a lot....

Growing older has its problems...  All we can do, is change our habits and then let the "Good Lord" take over !!!!!

Your Canadian Friend
#5 - October 27, 2017, 09:45:25 AM



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