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Korg kronos Pa4x continuation

Discussion started on Korg Kronos

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Korg kronos Pa4x continuation
i have this 2 instruments a bit longer and i know them better and better,

The first what i want say about the instruments is this, i have chance them for my Yamaha Tyros 5 and my Montage 7.

i always loved my tyros 5 and Montage,

it was a big   gamble to change them for The Korg Kronos and the Korg pa4x .

first the 2 looking as really new no any  scratch or  damage the are really new.
and everyting works for 100 %

in the begin i must  get used to the korg instruments,  but i know them before i have also many korg instruments
and the all works almost the same, but that is also by Yamaha keyboards.

And now i have them longer and now it is much easier for me, and the most i understand.

the Midi to style  works sometimes really good, but also sometimes not so good it depends how good is the midifile u use.

first i must listen good to the midi file if i hear strange sounds in the Midi file i better not use it because you also will hear it in the style,
and that is not what you want hear.

but if the midi file is good u have a big change the style becom good to really good.

i say about this, it works perfect with the right Midi file.

i work now a little longer with this both keyboards , about the Korg kronos i say, and i can know it now, any instrument he can beat  he sound so good , this is for me the best sounding synthesizer on this world. And i can know it, i have so many synthesizers in my life, you have really no idea how much, to much.

i have not tell to much about the kronos, he is the best there is and i can tell you he beat the Yamaha Montage so easily ,

but again that is that's what I think, sombody else can think different,( i not want make people angry )

And also the korg Kronos i have before , and now i have the newest Korg kronos 88 Keys really hammer keys like a real Piano .
And i must say i begin to like them in the begin it was not so easy but now i know how to play on this board.

in this instrument there are 9 Different synthesizers,  and that makes it the best, there's really noting he can not do.

and now the Pa4x wow wow and wow so a good keyboard, every keyboard you must instal , you must instal it how you like it , i think everybody have a different  taste how the instruments must sound,

And also this one and i know him now much better, the manual is 1100 page big so much you can do with this keyboard.

But now i know him much better,  he also sound much better As in the begin, because when i hear someting i not really like i can change that to a maner i like to hear, and that makes he sound better.

the midi to style is a big point  for the Pa4x.

The kaoss funkty wow sow good you can completely change the style what you want so perfect that really sound professional,
you really can become a good dj . really a big point for korg

And now what i have experience  with my pa4x

the Pa4x  is also a Pa50- Pa60- Pa500- Pa 80- Pa1 -Pa2x-Pax3

i have download all this complete sets from those keyboards, the pa50 with al his styles- sounds -pat file -demo songs really everyting
now i can use my pa4x as a real pa50 keyboard with al his sounds and styles enz.
But With the sound quality of the Pa4x Sound.

this is really great Because if i Want use him as a Pa 500, or a Pa 800 i can do that now because i have all the sounds and styles of it, this is the best feature he has. he can become every Korg instrument before the pa4x , if you have the complete sets , and the quality is top

And this all sound so good this is really the pa4x sounds, i really love this

I also try this by the tyros 5 but no that works not so good, the most u must change things in the style when you want it sounds good

But Korg makes everyting so good that all the sounds styles enz from older keyboards work perfect in the Pa4x,

For me i want see of the really new  Yamaha Genos can beat the Korg Pa4x, i have see many demos from the Genos but i not really see new things in the genos, he sound great ( but the Tyros 5 and Montage also sound great ) but new things i not hear of see , and for 5000 Euro i think no i have my Korg instruments and i say wow to them.

But I see and i look I hear really not much comment About what people think Of The Yamaha Genos Also not on this site.
Maybe the people are a little bit confused about the Yamaha Genos , it is what i say it become a mix of the Tyros 5 And the Montage

this 2 instruments make the new Genos. But If it is 5000Euro  worth for the people i not know, time will tell, but for me what i have see
i see not much new.

but with me you never know hahahaah. Time can change me, that is when you play keyboard you always want someting new.

Grt Rob

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Korg pa4x
Korg Kronos  2  88 keys 
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Re: Korg kronos Pa4x continuation
Hi Rob

That was a nice article to read.  No doubt about it, you will make the Korg's "Sing".  I think that over time, you will do well !!!

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Re: Korg kronos Pa4x continuation
#3 - October 05, 2017, 11:24:24 PM
Korg pa4x
Korg Kronos  2  88 keys 
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