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Lotto King Karl

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Lotto King Karl

Lotto King Karl alias Karl König (* 4. Februar 1967 als Gerrit Heesemann in Hamburg) ist ein deutscher Musiker sowie TV- und Radiomoderator.

The son of a bank clerk and a housewife took the Abitur at the scholar's school of the Johanneum . This was followed by jobs as packers and courier drivers and military service with the Navy. Heesemann is called "Lotto King Karl" because of his self-designed legend of the forklift driver Karl König, who wins the lottery.

 In 1995 the debut single "Ich hab 'den Jackpot" was released. In 1996 his debut album "Weiß 'Bescheid" was released. His band, "Die Barmbek Dreamboys", was composed by Klaus Volland (guitar), Frank Ramond (choir, guitar, keyboard), Lukas Hilbert (guitar, bass), Frank Itt (bass), Thorsten Heintzsch (keyboard ), Jan Carstensen (saxophone, clarinet) and Lorenz Hoppe (drums). With this album and his presence in a local radio, he rose to a Hamburg local size, also because he is dealing in his songs with Hamburg themes ( HSV , Reeperbahn , Elbe and the Hopihalido ). One of the few songs that were known on a regional basis is the hymn to his hometown
"Hamburg, my pearl".

On 18 February 2000, Lotto King Karl took part in the " Countdown Grand Prix 2000 ", the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song "Fliegen" and took the 7th place.

Lotto King Karl distributes his recordings through their own label Northcoast Records in the distribution of Sony . He regularly plays concerts, which he calls "Rockover Hamburg" tour, and he is present in the local media.

The single "No Borders, No Fences" was used as a promotional jingle in the TV commercial of Berentzen in 2004 and is the only single of the "König" that made it into the charts in Germany. In 2003 Lotto King Karl played the Andy Ommsen, called "Stullen-Andi" in Der letzte Lude . He took another (guest) role in 2004 as a "football coach" in the youth film "Verliebt, na und wie!".

After completing his first album with Frank Ramond (now soloist and songwriter for Annett Louisan , Roger Cicero and Ina Müller ), he wrote many songs with his longtime friend Carsten Pape (formerly Clowns & Helden und Roh) ).

Lotto King Karl is often as a commentator or co-host to guest on TV shows like "The 100 nervigsten ..." and at the "Chartshow" on RTL . He also moderated the "90s" on RTL2 . From 2003 to December 2011 he was a Radiomoderator at Radio Hamburg , where he moderated the "90s" from 2005 onwards. Lotto King Karl is also one of the Stadiumsprecher at Hamburger SV . Before every home game of the first team of the HSV he sings his "hymn" Hamburg, my pearl in the football version Hamburg, my soccer ball live from a crane live.

In August 2005, Lotto King Karl began his first German-wide tour under the title "Born2Rock-Live2Die"; So far his live performances have been limited to the stages of northern Germany.

On May 16, 2006, the police found a small amount of cocaine during a raid in his apartment in Hamburg-Winterhude . It is said to have been an older residual stock, according to own data. A fine of 12,500 euros was imposed on the trial in July 2006.

In April 2008 his album "Seitenwechsel" was released. It was created with his band, the Barmbek Dream Boys. On June 12, 2009, the joint work of Lotto King Karl and Carsten Pape came onto the market. This is after friends their second joint album.

On May 6, 2011 the new album "Was ist eigentlich mit Frank?" Was released . This is also back with the Barmbek Dreamboys together. Lotto King Karl is an active member of the Verein Laut for Nazis and sets a sign against stranger hate.
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Lotto King Karl - Da ist die Tür
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