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Shout Tears for fears

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Shout Tears for fears
And this song i always love to much , one of my favorite songs.

I make a Pdf Notation file for this song.

A midi so you can practice this song. the midi is not a original midi file Useless for normal use, it is for practice the song.

For this song is a multipac
And a song style

 More Here on the Artist

The Video is make on a  Yamaha Genos

This morning i start with music 04;30   it is now 23 hour and i am still busy with music , the Genos want you play , so a beautiful machine.

he beats all instruments i have before  and that is no joke  , wow s o a good machine i must go to bed , i must force me to go to bed wow so a good machine this is , all my instruments before the Genos i really not miss one of them wow, and for me that is really 100% true
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Re: Shout Tears for fears

You are doing some fine work.................. I speak for all of us by saying Thank you very much !

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Wishing you the best day ever followed always by better tomorrows !!

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Re: Shout Tears for fears
Thanks  Ron , all this work i do is also for myself, now my Genos is next to me, i can play when i want , and because my sickness i have a lot of time.
Before my instruments stand on a other place, i have always more instruments , but now i have  only one, and i only take one , and this machine is much more as one, i can do everything, 80 5 what comes out of this machine i love to much,

I am no jazzy player and also no slagers player that is the 20 % i will never play with  , i never like those music,
And i am a Cover player, i almost never play music i not know , that is my style.

That is how i am, i always covers music from other Artist.

And why not people like that more when you play music the know, but it not means i not like music that some artist play when i hear it the first time.

But for me  personnel , i always play famed music , Queen wow so good , Dire Strates that kind of music i like to much and than the synthesizer songs from Vangelis and go on.

It means almost always i play with song styles , the music of Scharrenberg i love the  music and the sets .

Together the really are good songs,

This day i will change my living room, my Genos is to much in the living room and people walk to close to my Genos and if something happens wow i must not think of it.

I set my table on the other site of the room so my Genos comes to the wall and that is much better.

I talk with my woman about it now everybody that walk by the always must look out, and i say to my woman when i change the room it is much saver for my Genos.

And she say ok that is good , today i will do that , and than i am hap yer because now everybody can walk to my Genos and that is not what i want..

You see again i talk to much but that is me ,

Grt Rob
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