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Danza de la calle - composición propia

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Danza de la calle - composición propia
A few sentences from me about musical creation.
I've often been asked:"How does it work", to be clear, it's about composing music. Until I heard this question, I didn't think about it - I just did it and it was already done. And the answer to this question is not as simple as composing.
Of course, I'm joking a little bit when I write that it's an easy thing - sometimes it's not.......... When you make music for fun, for the pleasure of creating it, it's simple, easy and enjoyable. That's what I do. If this is the case, for example, custom music, strictly according to the customer's instructions, is sometimes different - it's easy once and once it's not.
But let's get back to the subject: how do we do it? I go to my black Tyros 4 and play with my hands. More precisely, my way of creating a musical composition is improvisation. In such a way of creating, the fundamental factor is the perfect and harmonious relationship between body and mind. The fact is that the executive apparatus, i. e. the hands, must immediately and as perfectly as possible follow the orders of the mind.
For improvisation to be possible, certain specific conditions must be met. First of all, the composer must have a very good technique of playing the instrument so that his hands can do what he creates on the spot. Secondly, he must have a well-coded knowledge of the principles of music, through which what is created is not a cacophony of uncompromising sounds, but music based on formal, harmonic, melodic and rhythmic presuppositions. Third, he needs to hear music to control what he creates. And fourthly, there must have a COS, about which I am not able to write anything meaningful or creative wene - the ability to create something from scratch ".

Improvisation - spontaneous creation. In music, it is a way of playing, where the instrumentalist or singer arranges his role during the performance (e. g. during the performance), which means that the process of creating a work coincides with its performance. It may also involve changes to the subject matter.
musical improvisation - creation of a musical piece without preparation. A creative act becomes an improvisation equivalent to the performance of a work on an instrument.

I put a link to the composition from a year ago. Nice listening:)


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