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Hello I have two keyboards number 1 is yamaha tyros 5 and my second one is a technics kn7ooo, there's lots of different things for all the keyboard but the kn7ooo. The 7000 is very popular at the moment but not a lot of information on it I know its old hat but still a very good sounding keyboard. Bill
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Re: Keyboards
Yes you have right in the past i have many keyboard and organs from Technicks 

there is noting wrong but the biggest problem is the software.

for your tyros you can have so many software, there is noting he can not do with the right software, and also styles wow

for every song yamaha have the right style technics don't have that the have really no any software,

but it not mean it are bad keyboards no i have in the past also many keyboards from technics  kn 1000 kn 2000   kn 6000 kn 6500

and also the kn 7000 

but the brand not exist anymore and nobody make software for it   and when i see in the internet for yamaha you get a lot of money back when you sell it but for technicks in Holland nobody want buy it anymore only older people because the don't mind if there is no software

when sombody ask me for advice  i always say buy a yamaha the have the mst software to upgrade your keyboard and that is 100 % true

but you have also right technics sound very good , but the tyros 5 sound much better and that is the reality

i hope you understand it what i mean and try to say

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