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Al Rangone

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Al Rangone

Al Rangone , stage name of Roberto Rangone ( Alexandria , 28 November 1943 ), is a musician and singer Italian .

Since the nineties is nicknamed 'the songwriter of dance music '. He plays guitar , Gilda , Prayer , white sail and Rumba are his best-known songs.

He learned to play the guitar from his father and already in 1952 , at the age of nine, he was an interpreter of songs , performing in elementary school Carlo Zanzi and movie theater Victory of Christ (neighborhood Alexandria ).

In 1953 , at the Teatro Virginia Marini of Alexandria wins the selection of a microphone for you , singing event presented by Nunzio Filogamo , allowing them to get to the regional semifinals of Turin . From those years he performed in various events and performances as a singer and as a good actor, he plays comic roles, with other artists, in different parts of Piedmont .

In 1959 he joined the bands and three years later became a singer and bass player overall Paolo Martino and Philosophers. Begin to affect different discs for Record Label The Red Record .

In 1963 he was a finalist in the competition New Voices of Castrocaro paired with Gigliola Cinquetti ; later published a 45 rpm with Dischi Ricordi , with once more (written by Alberto Testa and Iller Pattacini ). After the GTA Records for the interest of the master Gigi Cichellero , in 1966 participates in the Cantagiro with Imagine . After these two moments not particularly exciting, Roberto decided to move to Spain to continue to be a musician and singer.

In the 13 years that followed has artistic experiences with the best musicians and singers. Work, in fact, with sacred cows of the caliber of Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra and especially with Julio Iglesias who at the time was taking its first steps in the music world. It is in that period that the appeal the nickname "AL", a bit 'of nostalgia in his city of origin ( Alexandria ), a little' for the similarity with Al Capone . This nickname has stuck as well as still remained some "Spanish touch" in his performances with the guitar.

Back in Italy , the second half of the 80s he devoted himself to the smooth, forming his own orchestra. In recent years meets compatriot Eugenio Del Sarto, who had international experience as an author and composer, and the first thing the two unknowingly revolutionized the world of dance music writing plays guitar . Since then the partnership has never ceased to exist.

Of Authors couple Rangone / Del Sarto someone wrote that the "Battisti-Mogol" of popular music. It would seem an irreverent joke but when you consider that their most famous works included in the list of the hundred most performed songs of the '90s, and 2000 (data SIAE ), you can easily understand and evaluate the weight also economic and commercial use of their presence on the music scene with regard to this kind. For this, Al Rangone begins to affect various albums getting positive results: its touch cassette and CD sales unexpectedly high peaks, in the tens of thousands of copies, but, strangely, the official sales charts take no account this parallel market.

The first record for dance music, recorded a few months after his return from Spain , it contains plays guitar and autobiographical That man is me . The by small and large orchestras requests for songs they are not made to wait, and thus all the big dance names, from Franco Bagutti to Franco Bastelli from Titti Bianchi Patrizia, Emilio Zilioli Mauro Levrini have recorded songs Rangone and Del Sarto.

In 1993 knocks on the door of none other duo that the "Queen" of the Italian song, Nilla Pizzi , who wanted to play some of their songs. From Stornellante vagabond in Italian Melody , from our music to the aforementioned plays guitar , and especially white sail that, thanks to the many television appearances Rai , becomes a great success of the Emilian singer and its authors even greater credibility.

Then in 1995, for a series of favorable circumstances and also thanks to my friend Angelo Zibetti, owner of Radio and Studio Zeta, Al Rangone finally arrives to the big record company of Caterina Caselli, the Sugar . The Sugar much work served to consolidate the position of Al Rangone in the field of dance music with news reports, major television interviews ( " Mixer ") and hosted by popular talk show ( " Flying Carpet " with Luciano Rispoli , " Maurizio Costanzo Show "with Maurizio Costanzo and" Italian Feast "with Caterina Balivo ). All this has allowed the mass television media would realize the world of orchestras and dance music. In this sense, Al Rangone was the forerunner for many orchestras, each with their own skills and credibility, made it to national television and getting to know more and more.

An opportunity missed is the participation in the Sanremo Festival in tandem with Iva Zanicchi , a goal touched briefly. With the well-known "Aquila of Ligonchio" was to present the song Boys .

Over the years, Al Rangone collaborated not only with Eugenio Del Sarto, also with other authors. First of all Gianni Stellavato, Rota and Mario Mauro Zaniboni, who provided ideas for songs such as The boys , is the life that goes , The island , what evil does , Sweet feeling , but what a beautiful life is and Latin Wave . Gilda (Hollywood lady) came into being on an idea by Lucia Bui and Gigi always Chiappin in collaboration with Del Sarto and with the same Rangone.

One of the most important awards he has achieved, and certainly among the most appreciated, is "The Provincial Academy of Success" award coming from his Province.

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